It is Zentangle or Doodle?

I am also new in this art form. But, i think i love to zentangle. I seem to make more zentangles than sit and draw something meaningful. 🙂

Difference of Zentangle and Doodle to me is also not so clear, but i know there is a thin line between those two. Although both the drawings are abstract, they are totally different forms.

Zentangle : It is created using repetitive patterns and usually built within a certain shape. Now a days, it is also called “Yoga for brain” because when you are tangling, you are completely absorbed in making each pattern. This method increases your focus and creativity and also calms you down just like yoga and hence the name.

Doodle : Although, most of the doodles will look exactly like zentangle but it is not called zentangle because doodling is generally done when your thoughts are occupied with something else. These drawings can have concrete meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Both methods are really entertaining, relaxing, and a great way to express yourself creatively. And the best part is, there is no wrong side in it. How about that? Go Figure!

2 thoughts on “It is Zentangle or Doodle?

  1. Zentangle is the term Rick and Maria have given to pattern drawing as they practise and teach it. Before that there was Neopoprealism which was, as its name suggests, initially concerned with decorating realistic images. Many now call this artform “zen doodling” in order not to be restricted to the tiny squares zentangle is originally drawn on. Another term is ZIA (zentangle inspired art) which covers the larger sized drawings. Zendala is another term invented (I think by Erin Olsen, but I’m not sure) to describe the tangle-decorated mandala. ‘Tangle’, ‘string’ and one or two other technical terms were adopted by zentangle and are not normal drawing terms.
    My own blog is called “dynamic doodling” because that’s what I do. I use patterns from everywhere and sometimes make them up. There is an endless stream of patterns to be had on the internet, e.g. by Flickr or Pinterest, all accessible to non-zentangle involved individuals.
    But it doesn’t really matter what it’s called, in my view. The main thing is that it’s enjoyable, inventive and fun.
    Doodling is a common way of starting off in any medium (e.g. wet on wet in watercolour). Mistakes can be frustrating or inspiring. New ideas may turn out to be old ones. Old ideas can be repeated in different ways. It’s all there for the taking!
    Drawing is the oldest form of art known to man. I can’t say my mind is preoccupied when I make any kind of art. Doodling is commonly thought to be done absent-mindedly, but scientific studies have shown that it can also be an aid to better concentration, to focussing the mind.
    Happy doodling or zentangle or drawing or whatever……..!


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