Where I have never gone Before

After many years of drawing and painting, i was searching for something new to learn in the same field when i stumbled across the word Zentangle in a blog.

Initially, I thought it was doodle with different name. And knowing i am no good in doodling (It’s way too creative for me and sadly on my part, I am not that creative), I was not up for it. But After learning the difference between the two and more I saw and read about Zentangle, I was totally into Zentangling. There are many official Zentangle website, from where i learned few things or two. After reading all the instructions, I dived immediately with pen and paper.

I have got myself new book (16cm x 20cm) (200 pages) which is exclusively for Zentangle and doodle. Let’s see how much of zentangling and doodling I can do. 🙂

I hope you will join in this journey of mine into “Zentangle and Doodle World”.

Hello World

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my first WordPress blog. My Name is Neena. An Indian currently residing in Germany.

This is my personal blog where i will be soon uploading my drawings and paintings. As i am new to this blog, It will take me some time to get used to it. But, right now, I am happy that i have my first article out and published. 🙂