Flower Posts on Every Monday

This summer, I have taken lots of photos (believe me, lots and lots) of flowers. Same ones, different ones.

On someone’s request to upload some bright and colorful photos, i am planning to start uploading flower photos from my flower collection on every Monday. I selected the day “Monday” because it’s the first day of the week and because we usually have Monday blues after having a very good and sometimes very lazy weekend. 🙂 And to remove this Monday blues, what is better than a beautiful flower picture?

Unfortunately, many of these flower’s name are unknown to me, so in-case you know it, please do let me know.

Thanks in advance and i hope you enjoy the collection.

It’s me again… with new update

I will soon start to upload photos. I am not a photographer as such. But like many others, I too love to take a snap or two.

As, i am living in a very small part of the Germany, there is nothing much to photograph, but i want to challenge myself and see, how much can i come up with new photo ideas, even in this “small part of the town“. I will be also uploading my trip photos which luckily i have lots. 😀

My Camera Details:

nikon coolpixName: Nikon
Model: Coolpix s8200
Megapixel: 16.1
Optical Zoom: 14x

Hope you will join me in this expedition and enjoy.

Just like Moleskine

Last week, i was browsing sketchbook, when i found there are thousands and thousands of sites directing to Moleskine sketchbook.

At first, i thought it is new kind of sketch. Then i came to know that it’s just a book. But looks like, it’s not just any ordinary book. It’s a small pocket size blank book with black textured oil cloth cover. It’s manufactured by an Italian company named Modo & Modo. Because of its hardbound, slim, portable features, it is one of the most popular and must have book among lots of artists.

Which gave me an idea to get one too, so i can draw when i am not at home. This tiny book will be great for spontaneous drawing. But unfortunately, Moleskine was way to pricy for me, hence i picked up a book just like moleskine but cheaper. It is also hardbound, slim and portable (11cm x 15cm). Perfect in my purse. Pretty soon, the drawings from this tiny book will be uploaded too.