D. Challenge No. 131

In this challenge, we had to use only one pattern called “Dex-teria” and make a monotangle out of it. In this tile, I thought of creating a box according to numbers, so here i ended up using upto 7 boxes. Here, i did the following steps to create this piece of art…
1. Drew 1 large dex pattern
2. broke the pattern into half and drew 2 dex pattern
3. broke one of the 2 boxes into half and now i have 3 boxes. And went on with it till i could no longer continue. I made total 7 such boxes.

Confused but Content


D.Challenge No. 126

This week’s challenge was “Stencil Fun”. We have to use a stencil or anything from around the house in the art. For those who does not know what is Stencil? In simple words, it is a thin sheet of cardboard, plastic, or metal with a pattern or letters cut out of it, used to produce the cut design on the surface.
This challenge was a bit tricky one for me as i don’t have stencils. I looked around my house for some inspiration but no such luck. I would read how other contestants would come up with innovative ideas like using guksi, lamp table, towel rack, kitchen utensils, etc and I would too start looking for them at my home but again no such luck :).
I had lost any hope of finding anything at home and had almost given up this challenge, but then suddenly i saw my hair-dryer and found a template to work on. Wohoo! 😀


Now that i had found a template, i was confused on how to fill it up. Only one pattern popped out and that was hypnotic, which i was not so happy about but still continued with it. I have used two layers. First one is the color one and second one with a black pen. In Both layers, i have used hypnotic pattern. I was really confused and upset why can’t i think of any other pattern, but when i completed one leaf of the zendala, i was happy with result. Felt CONTENT!