Starting Tomorrow : Friday Project #1 (Minimalist Photography)

In order to improve my photography skills, i thought of doing 365 days project. Which means, i will take one photo per day for 365 days. Unfortunately, because of some personal issues, i am certain i won’t be able to continue the project after a month or two without taking a break. So, I had decided to do 30 days project starting this month, but missed by window by 7 days. 😦 Hence, now coming up with a new idea. The project is going to be called Friday Project (#number). And this month i am going to practice on minimalist photography.

Did you know there is something called Minimalist Photography before today? I hadn’t and thus the curiosity. According to infinite articles on the subject, what i have understood is…
I. Meaning of Minimalist Photography : It is the art of less. It normally focuses on a few elements. Basically, clutter free image. The Goal is to convey a concept or an idea, or simply to provoke an emotional response or just to provide a unique visual experience.
II. Points to remember while shooting for Minimalist Images
1. Keeping it Simple
2. Learn to See
3. Using Negative Space in Composition
4. Creating a Strong Composition
5. Using Color Indulgently
6. Stick to the plain backgrounds
7. Respect the Rule of Thirds
8. Strong Leading Lines
9. Interesting Geometric Patterns or lines
10. Contrast
11. Textures
12. Light and Dark
13. Look for open space
14. Bright block of colors
15. Subjects that stand out against simplified backgrounds etc etc..

To read more on the subject, visit Digital Photography School
To view more examples on the subject, visit Photography.Tutplus

So from tomorrow i will be uploading images on this decided theme for 4 continuous Fridays naming “Friday Project #1 (Minimalist Photography)”. Do let me know your suggestions and views on them and whether was i successful in learning and practicing. Or join me on this project by sharing one of your post every Friday in the Comments box.
See you tomorrow !!!